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Confused and Hopeful

Name (or what you want to be called): Omoni
General location: Ontario
Current religious or spiritual path: Agnostic (Mostly Pagan, some Buddhist)
Religious or spiritual background: Roman Catholic
Something cool about you: I can dislocate and relocate my shoulder without pain or repercussions.
Favorite sayings: "I'm not afraid of getting hurt, but I'm not strong, either."

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New Community.

If this is not allowed, please let me know and I will happily take the post down.

I wanted to let you all know about the community I have just created -- </a></font></b></a>reclaiming_sex .  The focus is on people who come from a sexually detrimental religious set of beliefs who are reclaiming a healthy idea of sex. All are welcome, regardless of current or past religious beliefs. If you have been hurt by sexual repression, abuse, the exgay movement, or hate from within a religious idea, or simply want to cultivate or help others cultivate a healthier incorporation of sex into one's life, please join and share your journey with others.

On a personal note, I am a former evangelical christian, though currently highly spiritual person, who once believed that lustful thoughts, masturbation, pornography, homosexuality, etc. were all sinful especially outside of marriage. As someone who was strongly devoted to her faith throughout the teenaged and sexually developmental years, I am still feeling the repurcussions of sexual repression even now, three and a half years into my marriage. My intellectual ideas of sex have changed greatly, but my psychological and emotional responses can still hold on to old habits. I know that I can't be the only one who experiences this, so I am reaching out to the greater livejournal community to hopefully create a network of support for myself and for those like me.

I am aware that this can be a touchy issue.  Though tolerance and respect for others, regardless of their beliefs, is expected, you do not have to believe that sex outside of marriage is okay, or support homosexuality in order to join.  Maybe you are currently a strong Christian and waited until marriage to have sex, only to discover that years of sexual repression is still interfering with your marital life, even though sex is supposed to be okay now.  Whatever the case may be, if you believe you have something to contribute to the community or would appreciate the support of others, please join and spread the word.
Name (or what you want to be called): Serena
General location: Born in Dorset, UK and residing in Arizona.
Current religious or spiritual path: Celtic Wiccan / Celtic NeoPagan and Universalist. I'm focused on exploring my family's celtic roots and ancestral background, which i feel that I've lost some touch with since my mother passed away. I wish that I had realized how important this part of my family history is to me while she was still alive, but perhaps I am feeling this so strongly because she is gone.
Religious or spiritual background: Spiritual Universalist
Something cool about you: I was raised for a portion of my life in Glastonbury, and used to play in the site of the round table. My brother and I used to explore the public way (paths) and we would pile stones to indicate which direction we had gone, and then find our way back to each other and home.
Favorite sayings: "One Truth, Many Paths."
"We All Come From The Goddess
And To Her We Shall Return
Like A Drop Of Rain,
Flowing To The Ocean"


~pokes the founders of the group for life~

It's been quiet around here, no? Between schooling, life, work, children, etc, etc it's amazing we have time! ~^_^~

How do you fit your faith/spirituality/etc into your every day life? Is it simply part of the routine or do you take time aside (like Church) for it? Do you feel you NEED to take time away for it? Does it benefit you, somehow? (Like meditation can help focus or bring clarity.)

LilleFluff's introduction

Hi everybody! This community seems very interesting and is pretty much what I've been looking for, so I thought I'd join you. I hope to learn a lot and have some interesting discussions!

Name (or what you want to be called): Jenni
General location: Oslo, Norway
Current religious or spiritual path: Still searching! I can't say I "am" anything except a monotheist, but I'm leaning towards Islam as described in what I've read in the Qur'an. Still the "For those for whom existing religions do not quite fit." thing from this community's description hit home with me. Or maybe "mainstream religion".
Religious or spiritual background: Raised a Jehovah's Witness, left them earlier this year (it's a long story). My entire family are still JWs, and the whole situation causes a lot of pain and sorrow on both sides. This background has made me very skeptical of any religious aspect that is man-made and not from God. I'm currently still part of a small Bible study group organized by my local church, but I don't really "feel" it.
Something cool about you: I don't know how cool this is, but I am a conlang (constructed language) geek! I love learning about everything from Volapük to Lojban.
Favorite sayings: To live is to accept illusions. (Klara Johanson)
I wish I was good enough at translating to be able to translate my favorite Ibsen quote into English, but no matter how fluent I might be in both languages I just suck at building bridges between them in my head. Oh well.

Nice to meet you :)

Life After Death

I've been 'enjoying' a sort of crisis of faith. The concept that 'all paths are valid' is something I hold close and dear, and is a complex concept given in simplistic terms. As such, often I find myself contemplating this in the simplistic question 'Is there something more after death?'.

It's a concept that is profound, extremely frightening, but fascinating to tackle. For some of us, a simplistic 'leap of faith' isn't entirely enough. You have faith (or lack thereof) in others, but only after evidence grants you a concept of expectation one way or another. Much the same for the idea of continuing conscious after death. Note, I did not state ~life~ after death...Really the definition of 'life', we don't live after death in the technical sense. I guess, in a way, it's my middle ground on the atheistic 'We die, we become worm-food' and the multi-religious view of 'We are eternal'.

I've been studying, researching and reading after finally getting over the initial shock of emotions that come with such concepts of there being ~literally~ nothing. But, some scientific concepts nagged at me that, perhaps, the idea of consciousness continuing post-mortem seemed more logical than I was giving it credit for, hence I proceeded to begin research.

I've found a number of sites dedicated to the question. It's sad to say, but most of the atheist-created, and supported sites citing their side of the argument is commonly presented in a manner that is blatantly biased and nearly mocking of the 'counter argument'. Thus, I found the presentations shallow and akin to reading a political campaign entry than something that, really, is as much scientific as it is philosophical. (Much like Psychology on the whole..) I found other sites offering both sides of the argument which I found paletteable.

Anyway, I also began exploring the 'pro' argument, which I am currently underway with doing. (Technically I've already begun looking into it by exploring 'both sided' sites) I stumbled across a blogcritics entry featuring Dr Gerald Schroeder that not only caught and kept my interest... but made me want to also go to a synogouge and speak with the Rabbis there.

Anyway, here it is;
Life After Death; Scientific Evidence for Death as the Beginning of a New Stage of Life - Dr. Gerald Schroeder at the Israel Center 1 July, 2004

I hope you also enjoy the reading, and, please, if you have other sites and such to share (or thoughts) please, we haven't had a ton of activity here lately. I've, myself been in and out with my pregnancy, but always love coming back and reading input from these sorts of communities.


 Name (or what you want to be called): Dee
General location: Arkansas, southeast USA
Current religious or spiritual path: pagan doesn't quite get it, but I'll explain that
Religious or spiritual background: Baptist father, Presbyterian mother, then there was me. . . the young "challenger"

Farther back in the family tree was the Caddo g-g-g grandmother - almost erased by the Christians in the family.  Imagine my glee when shaking my family tree to see what woudl fall out, I found her - at least what little was known of her.

And then I understood a lot of things - like why for years, I've collected images of suns.  The Caddo worship a male solar god and an earth mother, but as for most Native Americans, these are "lesser" deities because there is one Great Spirit. . . ageless, genderless and able to take on many aspects sought after by people of polytheistic practices.  I incorporate quite a few, but not all of the practices of southeast US Natives into my worship.

So I am an anomaly among pagans, and I hesitate to use that word, because it seems even when you say pagan, most people think Wicca.  And I am not Wiccan.

Now I am going to go read about you.


question on holy books

I am currently perusing a Master's Degree in Metaphysics. When I earn this degree, it will also grant me ordination as a minister. In interest of being well informed and prepared to be able to Serve a wider population, I am interested in gathering copies of most of the Great Books, the Holy Bible, Book of Mormon, Quran, Torah, Buddhist Sutras,Bahá’í,Jain,Taoist,Zoroastrian,Hindu books etc.

this is where the members of this community might be able to help me. I want to find as unbiased as possible, scholarly texts. I am a practicing Druidic/Shamanic Buddhist, and while I was raised Episcopal, and have studied with several groups a Bahá’í, Jehovah's Witness, and with a rabbi, and when possible attend my Buddhist temple up north, I do not always know what to watch for regarding valid information on the various beliefs outside my own.
I was hoping to find folks here who could help with this search.